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Anmaya                  by Chudo Clinic

Japanese massage at Queen Victoria Market and your place

Massage therapies at your home/hotel

We Anmaya are certified Massage Therapists specializing in a variety of holistic treatment services. Our signature treatment is Anma Traditional Japanese massage.

We have a stall at Queen Victoria Market on weekends  (location will be posted on Instagram and Facebook), Summer Night Market, and other markets/events.

Now you don't have to come to our venues as we will come to your home, hotel or airbib.

For home/hotel visit, please contact Yoshie or text 0499 395 299.


Thank you for visiting Anmaya by Chudo Clinic website. 

For Japanese acupuncture and massage treatments in Melbourne CBD, please visit Chudo Japanese Acupuncture & Massage. 

For learning Japanese Anma massage, please visit Chudo Australia 

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Signature: Anma Japanese Massage

Anma Japanese massage helps release muscle tension and psychological stress with comfortable pressure and rhythmical kneading techniques. Therapists' hands detect tight muscles and conscientiously apply various techniques with mainly their thumbs and hands.

This is a relaxing full body massage from head/scalp to feet/toes without oil or lubricant.


This massage therapy will be performed on your bed or on the exercise mat on floor. Please put comfy clothes on. Your therapist comes to you with two clean towels without a massage table.


Anma Japanese Massage 60min $80, 90min $120

Couple Anma Japanese Massage 60min each $160 (with 2 therapists)

Couple Anma Japanese Massage 60min each $150 (with 1 therapist)

Back Massage

Anma Massage with Tsubaki oil  (Melbourne CBD area only)

Anma massage can be practiced with oil while remaining comfy kneading techniques.

Therapists will come to you with a massage table and quality camellia Japanese Tsubaki oil, which is not heavy yet with nurturing features.

You will get totally relaxed with this whole body treatment from head/scalp, facial to foot reflexology.

*You can request your therapist to use your own favourite massage oil.


Anma oil Massage 60min $90, 90min $130

Couple Anma oil Massage 60min each $180 (2 therapists)

Couple Anma oil Massage 60min each $170 (1 therapist) 


Traveller Package Back and Foot

This is quite popular at our Anmaya stall at Queen Victoria Market.

With our Traveller package, from your shoulders and neck, comfortable Anma massage will be performed on your back, buttocks, legs and your feet. Then, your therapist will apply intense foot reflexology for your tired feet.


60min $85

Couple travellers 30min each $90 (1 therapist) 

Add-on Foot reflexology with other massage therapy 10min $15

Rehabilitation concept. Collage of woman

Shiatsu Japanese massage and Seitai posture conditioning

Your posture shows your energy level of mind, body and spirit. Our authentic Japanese massage therapists see the imbalance of your energy flow. 

While releasing your muscle tension with comfortable finger pressure, your rounded shoulders open and you will feel breathe easier with your correct "nice and tall" posture. 


Approx.60min $90

Back Massage

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a form of therapeutic massage performed by qualified massage therapists and this therapy is covered by private health insurance in Australia.

Carrier oil or body butter is applied on some specific areas and remedial massage therapists help release muscle tension and lead to relieve any associated pain. 

Remedial massage therapists will assess your conditions and treat your muscle/joint issues on a massage table. The techniques which may be used vary according to your conditions.


Your therapist will use your preferred essential oils, which directly works on the brain through your nose. This will assist you relaxed deeply. Free of charge.


Remedial Massage 60min $120, 90min $150

Couple Remedial Massage 30min each $120 (1 therapist)

Couple Remedial Massage 60min each $210 (1 therapist)

Terms and conditions

By clicking on the Book Now button above, you agree to Terms and Conditions.

No cancellations or changes allowed within 24 hours of the appointment.

Full refund deducted $10 administration fee will be given with more than 24 hours cancellation notice.

Anmaya by Chudo clinic trading under A happier medium Pty Limited (hereafter "we") request the customer (hereafter "you") all bookings need to be confirmed full payment by credit card.

All massage therapists under a contract agreement with A happier medium Pty Limited are professionally certified and each therapist is covered by professional, public liability insurance. We and all therapists provide non-sexual massage services and reserve the right to refuse service under the conditions such as (but not be limited to): when you have contra-indications which massage therapy will impact on your health and wellbeing, show inappropriate behaviour, threaten the therapist verbally, nonverbally, physically and psychologically, and you are intoxicated.


Melbourne VIC, Australia

0413 911 142

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